Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspired Apron

I was inspired to tangle an apron for teaching my classes by Sandy Barthlomew in the book:
Zentangle: Fabric Arts, Quilting, Embroidery .
I put a name tag on it with my name so that I wouldn't need to print one out each time. Tomorrow I will teach my first class at a store and I hope this will encourage them (and me) to be inspirational! The star was done separately and now becomes my pocket for pens. I feel so clever!


  1. you are definitely more than June Cleaver ever was!!! But I will say you are clever and I'm proud to have you as my mom. You inspire me to dream big!!!

  2. LOVE the apron. I was hoping that you'd post a picture... sounded cute when you told me about it. Prayed for you this morning as you were gearing up for your class. Hope that it went well! Love you!

  3. Actually, it was my apron - but I am happy you were inspired by it! I love the turtle!
    -Sandy Bartholomew

  4. Such a cute apron. Thanks for sharing it. The pocket is a nice addition.