Sunday, March 6, 2011

K2 Scrapbook Class - 3/5/11

Well, yesterday was a blast. Except for flying down to Sarasota on I-75 at 20 mph, everything was great. There were 12 women at K-2 Scrapbook Studio anxious to learn about Zentangle. Some had investigated it online and others had just seen some of my posted work in the store. But by the time our 2 1/2 hours were up, everyone was excited and pleased with what they had accomplished. They were a very talented group with no one having any problems. Most have signed up for another class, after Easter. So rewarding. One woman found me through a Quilting magazine that lead her to which lead her to a list of Certified teachers (CZT) I feel famous!!!!

Looking at their tiles all together, didn't they do a GREAT job.

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