Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tile in a tile

challenge this week was to tangle a tile on a tile. This is my try. It is the first time I have attempted a challenge. But even more challenging is the success of getting this to their site.  Hope this works.

I love this challenge. I feel as if I am ready to hang a picture already matted.  My husband wants me to make more of these, mount them to cork squares, coat them and use them for coasters. Hmmmm.

Zentangle is such a freeing art - no mistakes and the sky is the limit.


  1. I love the combination of regular squares on the outside with the flowing lines in the centre. Instead of having them as coasters why not mount them on the wall, that way you can see all of your works of art at once. A brilliant focal point and you solve any storage problems at the same time.

  2. It looks great. You husband has a good idea there.

  3. Your link on the Diva's site works. :-)
    Nicely done tile! The grid on the outside and the plant-forms in the small square make it seem like a window.

  4. Lovely tile! =) I agree with Margaret it does seem like a window.

  5. What a great guy you have! (Mine supports displays, too, so I know your excitement.) I like the window look of it. Diana Hirsch